International Students Application


International College of Chinese Studies

Fujian  Normal  University


1.  本人简历/personal information

中文姓名/Chinese: in Chinese if applicable

Family name:* Given name: * (in English)

出生日期/date of birth:* yyyy-mm-dd eg:1998-12-01

出生地/place of birth:* 性别/sex:*

国籍/nationality: * 护照号码/passport No.*

婚否/marital status:*

永久通讯地址/permanent address*

电话/ telephone no.*


2.本人最后学历/highest Academic degree obtained:*

毕业学校/school name *

毕业学校的联系电话/school Tel *

3.汉语程度/Chinese level/plan of study:*


4.工作或学习单位/employer or school affiliated:

工作或学习单位的联系电话/employer or school affiliated Tel *

5.来校学习计划/plan of study:*

学位学习/degree programme/非学位学习/non-degree programme*         

专业或专题(汉语进修生不必填写)subject or field of study (not for the Language Student):


专业学习期限(自/至)duration of specialized study (from/to)


6.经费资助办法 source of your financial support: *

经济担保人及联系电话/financial sponsor and tel *

7.在华事务联系人或机构名称、地址及电话/Name, address and telephone no. of your reference in China:
if applicable)

申请人保证/I hereby affirm that:*

1.  上述各项中所提供的情况真实无误。

All information given in this form is true and correct.

2.  我作为一名学生,保证在中国学习期间将遵守中国政府的法律、法规和学校的规章制度,尊重学校的教学安排。

As a Student studying is China, I shall abide by the laws and decrees of the Chinese government and the rules and regulations of the university, and I shall respect the teaching and learning arrangement made by the university.

申请人签名Signature of applicant*